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Roadmap, Features and Bugs

PAC Project Assistant

AI-powered assistant to help project managers deliver complex projects involving large amounts of information.

Warning This app is a work in progress. See the roadmap below.

About this project

There is a ton of underutilized (qualitative) data produced on major engineering and construction projects. Leaders can tap into their history of project experience to plan and crush issues. PAC aims to reduce management risk and costs for all by improving the project delivery experience and offering secure access to enterprise intelligence.

Decision-makers require a variety of information that could be gathered from diverse sources. Project reporting and other tools typically underutilize available data, especially qualitative data produced on major projects. PAC uses advanced technologies like GPT to assist decision-makers on increasingly complex projects.

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Note on Performance

Warning Desktop use is recommended. Mobile view should be functional but UI might suck. If you see something broken, please message me @_samarul.

Known Issues

A list of things not working right now:

  • [File sizes] Issue: File uploads over 6MB might result in UI error. Solution: File should still upload successfully. Refresh the page to continue.

Feature Updates


  • File browser with AI-generated insights on documents.
  • Drag and drop over file browser for direct upload.


  • Securely open and preview PDFs. Hyperlinked sources to page in PDF.
  • Save new document as .docx (Microsoft Word) - PAC WRITE
  • Auto-save
  • UI and performance updates (loading screens)

v0.020 [PAC WRITE]

  • Read RFPs to generate Table of Contents for proposal - experimental
  • AI-generate sections for proposals using custom sources and user instructions
  • Rich Text Editor to view & edit content (WYSIWYG)
  • Add table of contents to populate sections in word editor

v0.010 [PAC CHAT]

  • Chat with project documents using GPT (PDFs and websites)
  • Add websites (xml) + chat with all websites in sitemap


  1. Chat with documents (PDFs and websites*)
  2. Write custom sections using GPT
  3. Generate Table of Contents from RFP
  4. Add custom Table of Contents and build sections
  5. Add samples to match your writing style
  6. Show PDF preview
  7. Select best resumes for RFP
  8. Query schedule and risk data
  9. Schedule and risk recommendations
  10. Contract / change order defense workflow
  11. Brainstorm buddy
  12. Dark mode
  13. Native mobile app